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Epson EB-725W WXGA 3LCD Laser Projector


Engage students with easy-to-read images up to 120″ with this WXGA display.

Enhance engagement in today’s socially distanced classrooms with eye-catching, easy-to-read images using the EB-725W WXGA 3LCD ultra short-throw laser display. Designed to maximize classroom collaboration and productivity, this dynamic 4,000-lumen*3 laser display projects captivating 16:10 resolution images up to 120″ diagonal with virtually no shadowing from nearly anywhere in the room. A flexible, easy-to-use solution, the EB-725W makes classroom projection more convenient than ever with built-in wireless, Instant On activation and a virtually maintenance-free with no lamps to replace for light source up to 20,000-hours*4.

  • 4,000 lumens of color and white brightness*3
  • WXGA 16:10; project up to up to 120″
  • 20,000-hour laser light source*4
  • Fast setup time with laser light source
  • Built-in wireless
  • Screen Mirroring

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Revolutionary Laser Light Source
With laser light source, enjoy great cost savings with its extended maintenance cycle and without the need to replace the projector’s lamp.



Bright Images
With bright images of up to 4,000lm, it will allow clear image even in ambient light conditions from fluorescent lamps or sunlight from windows.

Ultra-Short Throw Advantages
Teachers and students will no longer be blinded by projection while presenting, and no shadows will be cast on the screen. This allows less disruption to lesson and more presentation space.

Large and Flexible Screen Size
Screen size of up to 120” and flexible screen size for classroom of any size.

What’s In The Box:

Supplied Accessories
EB-725W / EB-735F
Power Cable: 1.8m x 1
Remote Control with 2xAA Battery

EB-725Wi / EB-735Fi (With Interactivity)
Power Cable: 1.8m x 1
Remote Control with 2xAA Battery
USB Cable for HCB: 5m x 1
Interactive Pens: 2 pens with 2xAA Battery
Pen Stand: 1
Pen Tip (Felt): 4
Pen Tip (Teflon): 2
Finger Touch Unit: 1*
Corner Marker for Automatic Geometry Adjustment: 4
Magnet for Corner Marker: 4

Optional Accessories
Air Filter: ELPAF60
USB Extension Cable: ELPKC31
Remote Control Cable Set**: ELPKC28 (10m x 2)
Setting Plate: ELPMB62
Table Projection Mount: ELPMB29
Ceiling Mount: ELPMB23
Wall Mount for FTU**: ELPMB63
Wireless LAN unit: ELPAP11
Finger Touch Unit***: ELPFT01
Easy Interactive Pen 1**: ELPPN05A
Easy Interactive Pen 2**: ELPPN05B
Replacement Hard Pen Tips**: ELPPS03
Replacement Soft Pen Tips**: ELPPS04

* Only available for EB-735Fi only.
** EB-725Wi & EB-735Fi only. Refer to compatibility list.
*** Optional only for EB-725Wi.


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Epson EB-725W WXGA 3LCD Laser Projector