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Projector Screen & Projector Installation

Our specialty is the installation of a ceiling mounted projector and projector screen for your organisation.

Looking to get your projector professional installed? Printers2Go can wall or ceiling mount your projector and provide a complete cable management and input plate solution. No more messy cables or having to set up and calibrate the projector each time you want to give a presentation, just a few of the benefits from having your projector professional installation by Printers2Go .

Absolutely everything required to get your projector installed and ready to deliver first class presentations is included in this package.

  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted Projector
  • Screen Installation
  • Cabling VGA, CV and Audio
  • Wall Mounted Input Plate
  • Installation of Speakers
  • Interconnecting Leads
  • Complete Cable Management
  • Configuration of Screen and Projector
  • Complete Demonstration
  • Maintenance Contracts Available
Order and Payment Advisory 😷

Due to (Covid-19) outbreak, we are currently experiencing supply issues and high demand of orders. Please contact us before placing your ORDER and PAYMENT to avoid any problem.

Our Team is doing their best to accommodate all existing scheduled orders.