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Epson EB-G5200W


Designed for low maintenance and peace of mind in high use and high traffic environments – coupled with reliability and security, the all new EB-G5200W is the ideal projector for the education, hospitality and professional sectors.

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Advanced 3LCD technology

Advanced 3LCD technology

World–leading projector video display technology

At the heart of the Epson EB-G5200W is Epson’s world–leading 3LCD technology. This projection system uses three individual LCD panels to display images that exhibit silky smooth movement and fresh, natural colours.

Bright, vibrant colours and unequalled image quality are characteristics of 3LCD technology, with the projector delivering outstanding results in any presentation environment.

Due to 3LCD’s incredibly efficient use of light, projectors based on this technology are able to achieve quiet operating levels, exceptional clarity and flicker–free presentations.

Light–efficient lamp technology E–TORL

Light-efficient lamp technology

Delivering brilliant light — all the time, every time


One of the crucial features offered by the Epson EB-G5200W is its ability to provide up to 4200 Lumens via incredibly efficient E–TORL (Epson Twin Optimised Reflection Lamp) technology. Designed to minimise light leakage — a primary cause of lamp inefficiency — and minimise light diffraction, E–TORL lamps combine an ellipsoidal reflector, spherical lens and hemispherical mirror. This combination ensures optimum light efficiency with minimal power consumption and heat generation.


Installation Convenience

Installation Convenience

The G series centre lens is positioned to provide ease of installation and positioning within a setup environment, while the vertical and horizontal lens shift helps broaden the limits of placement possibilities. The Epson EB-G5200W allows for adjustment of image position without compromising the image quality with a 60% shift up or down and a 10% shift left or right, to allow for a greater range of placement options.


The G Series comes with a white external case that features a two-tier interface with a low profile cable cover to match the ceiling and room environment.


With projectors increasingly becoming a valuable tool for business and education, it is often important to control their use and of course, prevent theft. With the G Series you can (if required) prevent operation without a correct password, set a time limit and protect the user logo in the start–up screen. The G Series also has a built in tough security bar as a reliable counter measure against theft.

Low Fan Noise

The G Series allows you to concentrate on the presentation with fan noise as low as 29dB.

High Brightness Level


Up to 4200 Lumens for brilliant image projection

With its 4200 Lumens in high brightness mode, the Epson EB-G5200W delivers brilliant presentation quality, even in the largest of conference rooms or concert halls. The Epson EB-G5200W is designed with features to ensure a “best fit” for any situation.


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