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Designed for the Cloud

Transform and enhance your customers’ experience. With cloud-based services such as data analytics, loyalty programmes, coupons, rewards and digital receipts, the TM-T88V-DT delivers personalised customer experiences that promise to keep your customers coming back. In addition, information is constantly backed up on a built-in server to ensure uninterrupted operations even when Internet connection is not available.

Smart Peripherals Control

Epson’s ePOS-Device allows you to seamlessly connect and control POS peripherals such as scanners, customer displays, cash drawers and magnetic strip readers for immediate use without the need for additional drivers. It can also control printing on up to 20 TM series printers that are equipped with Ethernet or wireless LAN interface.

Small Footprint

With the advantage of PC- and POS terminal-free operations, the TM-T88V-DT operates with a smaller footprint, saving much-needed counter space and enhancing your store’s image.

Print from Anywhere

Powerful ePOS Print technology enables seamless communication between the receipt printer and any smart mobile device. Staff can now conduct business activities such as sales transactions, inventory checking and order entry with their tablets, smartphones and other smart mobile devices. They can also wirelessly print receipts or instructions on multiple printers* from any location within the store.

Embrace Mobility

With the added capability of a built-in web server and ePOS Print technology for driverless web-based printing, mobile POS deployments are made easy. Businesses can now enjoy true mobility in operations that delivers a better experience for the customer, taking your customer relationships to a whole new level.

Quality Printing at Amazing Speeds

With a maximum printing speed of up to 300mm/sec, TM-T88V-DT allows you to accelerate your Point-of-Sale processes and reduce customer waiting time.

Reliable, Energy-efficient, Environment-friendly Printing

The TM-T88V-DT offers best-in-class printing reliability and a paper-saving feature that helps reduce paper usage by up to 30% to deliver industryleading energy effi ciency. Fewer pieces of equipment mean less power consumption, reducing bills and overall environmental impact.


  • DM-D110DT Customer Display
  • OT-WL-01 Wireless Lan

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