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Epson AcuLaser™ M7000N


A3 mono printer for small-to-medium workgroups that is fast, dependable and straight-forward to use

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Why the Epson AcuLaser™ M7000N?

The Epson AcuLaser™ M7000N is designed to fulfill the needs of larger corporations and businesses. It handily achieves optimal productivity and cost savings for large workgroups while offering greater media flexibility and A3-size output.

Greater Productivity for Large Workgroups

The Epson AcuLaser™ M7000N is ready for action in less than 16 seconds and delivers its first page out in under 8.5 seconds. Achieve optimal productivity with its speedy performance of 32 ppm for A4 printing and 17.4 ppm for A3. Built-in networking with support for Gigabit Ethernet means fast and efficient data transmission in the most demanding workgroup environments.

Low Running Cost

Enjoy an amazingly low cost-per-print of just US$0.021# through Epson’s toner cartridges with a high yield of up to 15,000 pages. Reduce paper consumption with the optional duplex unit and save more with its Energy Star compliant modes that help to lower energy consumption:

  • Sleep Mode: sets the period of inactivity from 3 to 120 minutes before the printer goes into sleep mode.
  • Toner Save Mode: reduces toner consumption while maintaining superb print quality.

#Refer to specifications page.

Reliable, Heavy Duty Performance

The Epson AcuLaser™ M7000N is designed to grow with your needs. Easily increase your paper capacity from 380 sheets to 1,380 sheets with the addition of up to two optional 500-sheet cassettes, reducing time spent on replenishing paper while supporting print volumes of up to 100,000 pages per month. Memory capacity is also expandable from 64MB to 320MB for faster processing of multiple print jobs.

Epson Connect

Our easy setup solution makes it a breeze to share your printer with PCs and laptops, and with the included Epson iPrint 2.0 software, you can print from WiFi connected Apple® iPhone and iPad devices, Android devices and also online cloud services such as, Dropbox and Evernote.

Secure Printing of Confidential Documents

With its support for IPSec/SSL encryption, the Epson AcuLaser™ M7000N allows secure printing of sensitive and confidential documents while minimising the risk of information leakage.

Easier Management of Print Jobs

With our new print management features, you can easily take control of your workgroup’s printing workflow.

Vertical-Horizontal Sorting

When printing multiple sets of the same document, this function arranges them in alternate vertical and horizontal sets for easy differentiation and sorting.

Interruption Printing

  • Print jobs from different users may need to be prioritised for better workgroup efficiency. The control panel can intercept/pause a print job and allow the user select his/her printout to be printed first.
  • Without correcting other user’s printing error, user can intercept and choose his or her print job to be printed.
  • User can cancel his or her print job from the control panel even when printer is still printing its current print job.

Print Job Arranger

Users can customise the settings for every print job, even for individual pages in a multi-page document. Examples include:

  • Landscape/portrait orientation
  • Single/double sided
  • Change of paper size
  • Page layout (up to 4-UP)
  • Re-arranging pages within a print job
  • Split document and insert blank page

Once set, the print job can be saved for printing at a later time.

Impressive Printing Quality

Epson AcuBrite™ Technology

Epson AcuBrite™ toners utilise highly uniform toner particle size and wax distribution for consistently impressive results. This unique printing technology gives you superb clarity with sharpness and outstandingly crisp and bold black text that lasts.

Visibility Enhancement Function

An invaluable feature for better reproduction of very lightly coloured text. Depending on the setting, it can help to underline/bold/highlight sections of text for better visibility. This function can also “decorate” (box up/colour) graphs and charts to clearly differentiate segments of the chart.

Better for Our Environment

Accredited under the Energy Star programme, the Epson AcuLaser™ M7000N offers a number of energy-saving features that will help you enjoy significant energy savings and also do your part in protecting our environment.

Partners in Perfection

Epson GT-S55

600 DPI scanning
Scan speed up to 25ppm
75-sheet ADF paper capacity
Duplex scanning

Epson GT-S85

600 DPI scanning
Scan speed up to 40ppm
75-sheet ADF paper capacity
Duplex scanning
Ultrasonic double feed sensor


Imaging Cartridge

  • Imaging Cartridge(C13S051221)


  • 500-Sheet Paper Cassette Unit C12C802702
  • Duplex Unit C12C802712

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