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Epson LabelWorks™ LW-300

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End of Life

Why the Epson LabelWorks™ LW-300?

Epson LabelWorks™ printers offer easy-to-use, professional solutions for every labelling need. Choose from a wide selection of Epson label media in a variety of widths, patterns, colours and finishes to create high-quality, professional labels with minimal waste and maximum savings.

LabelWorks LW-300, Compact and Efficient Helper

  • Electronic label maker with integrated keyboard
  • Accepts 9 and 12mm tape widths
  • Simple to use with ergonomic buttons
  • Dedicated buttons give quick access to cutting and printing functions
  • Store up to 30 custom label designs for instant recall

Better Value by Design

All LabelWorks printers are designed from the ground up for greater cost efficiency. Through the use of significantly smaller side margins, margin wastage is reduced by up to 60 percent#. Labels are perfectly sized for fast and easy application.

#10mm margins versus competitive label printer brands with 26mm margin

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

LabelWorks printers offer tremendous creative flexibility with up to 14 font types and 10 different styles (bold, shadow, outline, etc), 457 symbols and 87 frames, for users to create unique labels for every need. Epson’s wide selection of high-quality labels in a variety of styles, sizes and colours lets you create labels as eye-catching, personal or professional as needs be. Tape widths range from 9mm to 36mm, in standard, metallic and pastel colours, patterns, and even specialized applications such as iron-on, glow-in-the-dark, cable wrap and index tapes.

Create Once, Reuse Anytime

Say no to spending precious time and effort to recreate your favorite labels. The LabelWorks LW-300 can store up to 30 custom designs so that users can easily reprint label designs when necessary.

Economical, Longer-lasting Labels

Whether you work in an office, factory, retail outlet, medical environment or a school, a wide selection of tape types, sizes and colors means you can be sure Epson has exactly the right one for you. With the new LabelWorks range, you even get the choice of our transparent, pastel, metallic ranges as well as specialist cable wrap labels. Epson labels can withstand exposure to heat, cold and wet conditions, making them ideal for any application in offices through to tough industrial environments. The powerful LabelWorks range is designed to work perfectly with Epson tapes every time, leaving minimal margins and less waste. And with Epson’s 8-metre tapes, you get more labels for your money.

  • Save money with economical 8-metre tapes
  • Lift and reposition standard labels within 24 hours
  • Fully tested, durable labels that survive extreme temperatures and wet conditions
  • Labels stick fast to almost any surface – even curved, glass and stainless steel
  • No residue from adhesive when labels are removed


CategoryDescriptionModel No.WidthLengthOrder Code          Price
White on BlueLC-3LWV09mm
C53S624603         520.00
White on BlackLC-4BWV12mmC53S625605         520.00
White on BlueLC-4LWVC53S625632         520.00
Black on TransparentLC-4TBN12mm
C53S625615         520.00
Black on WhiteLC-3WBN09mm
C53S624601         520.00
LC-4WBN12mmC53S625601         520.00
Red on WhiteLC-4WRNC53S625602         520.00
Blue on WhiteLC-4WLNC53S625603         520.00
Gray on WhiteLC-4WANC53S625604         520.00
Gray on Polka Dot PinkLC-4EAY12mm
C53S625613         520.00
Gray on Blue CheckLC-4CAYC53S625614         520.00
Black on RedLC-3RBP09mm
C53S624604         520.00
Black on GreenLC-3GBPC53S624605         520.00
Black on BlueLC-3LBPC53S624606         520.00
Black on YellowLC-3YBPC53S624608         520.00
LC-4YBP12mmC53S625616         520.00
Black on RedLC-4RBPC53S625633         520.00
Black on GreenLC-4GBPC53S625636         520.00
Black on BlueLC-4LBPC53S625634         520.00
Black on Metallic SilverLC-4SBM12mm
C53S625607         520.00
Black on GoldLC-4KBMC53S625608         520.00
Black on WhiteLC-4WBQ12mm
C53S625609         520.00
Black on PinkLC-4PBQC53S625610         520.00
Black on GoldLC-4KBK12mm
C53S625611         520.00
Black on PinkLC-4PBKC53S625612         520.00

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