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Epson Workforce DS-860


The WorkForce DS-860 raises the bar for business scanners with its superb speed and high daily duty cycle of 6,000 pages.

  • Duty cycle up to 6,000 pages per day
  • Scan speed up to 65ppm/130ipm (300 dpi)
  • One-pass Duplex Scanning
  • Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection
  • Optional Network Interface Unit
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Greater Speed and Durability

Designed for fast, high volume scanning, the DS-860 features an 80-sheet Automatic Document Feeder and scans at up to 65ppm/130ipm at 300 dpi in one-pass duplex. Its high daily duty cycle of 6,000 pages provides the robust reliability that businesses need.

Automatic Size Recognition

Place documents of different sizes ranging from A6 to A4 in the middle of the feeding tray and the DS-860 will automatically detect and scan everything in the correct size, all in a single batch.

Easy Job Settings

With Document Capture Pro, assign up to nine customised job settings to the scanner job button to carry out scan jobs more efficiently.

Document Capture Pro V1.6 Premium* (Windows Only)

Easily scan, view, edit, save and transfer scanned documents with this software. Barcodes, characters, blank pages and forms can be optically recognised to sort scanned documents into different files and/or folders. A size limit can be set to separate scanned documents into different files.

Post-scan destinations, including scan-to-print, email, Windows™ Public Folder, FTP, Web Folder, and Scan-to-Cloud services such as Microsoft® SharePoint Server, Evernote®, Google® Docs and SugarSync are easily accessible through the software. With its built-in OCR capability, you can convert your documents into searchable PDFs and editable Microsoft Office formats (.docx,.xlsx,.pptx). For easy tracking of your scan jobs, you can also generate a log of your scan history.

Document Capture Pro allows you to manage up to 30 jobs, including assigning scan jobs to the optional Network Interface Unit.

The new Document Capture Pro includes a new Simple View that allows you to easily select from various output destinations.

*Available via web-download.

Optional Network Support

With the optional Network Interface Unit, the DS-860 scanner can be shared with multiple users across your network.

Users with Document Capture Pro (for Windows) can assign up to 30 customisable jobs to the Network Interface Unit for push scanning.

Smooth and Reliable Performance

Two key technologies are integral to the ability of the DS-860 to deliver trouble-free, peak performance:

Separation Roller

This device reliably separates and feeds each page into the scanner, ensuring stable and continuous scanning for large batch requirements.

Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection

This in-built detector ensures that every page is scanned by sensing if more than a single page has been accidentally fed into the scanner. In this occurrence, it will alert the user to rectify the issue before continuing.

Compact Design

With a design that is 40% smaller and 20% lighter than the previous generation, the compact DS-860 fits comfortably into just about any office environment.

A3 Scanning Without Carrier Sheet

A3 size documents can now be scanned without a carrier sheet. Simply switch the scanner to non-separation mode, and with the automatic stitching function in Epson Scan, both halves of the image will be reproduced as an entire image.

Powerful and Comprehensive Epson Scan Features

The Epson Scan suite of functions includes numerous useful and innovative capabilities including the following highlights:

PDF/A-1b (ISO) Compliant Files

Archive your digital documents for long term storage and visual reproduction with embedded fonts.

Power Off Timer Setting

Set an optimum activation time for Power Off to allow for lower energy consumption.

Colour Enhancement & Colour Dropout Remove or enhance the visibility of ink signatures such as “Confidential” and “Urgent” stamps by choosing from one of the preset colours (red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange or all colours except black). Alternatively, you can select up to 5 colours of your choice and choose between “Selected Colour” or “Except Selected Colour” to dropout or enhance with a single scan.

Partners in Perfection

Epson AcuLaser™ C500DN

1200 x 1200 dpi
Speed: Up to 45ppm
First page out in 7 sec or less (mono A4), 8.3 sec (color A4)
Optional stacker provides more flexibility and convenience
High Duty Cycle of 120,000 pages per month

Epson EB-1400Wi/1410Wi

WXGA Resolution
White Light Output of 2600lm/3100lm, Colour Light Output at 2600lm/3100lm
Multiple projection modes
Wireless interactivity
Multi-location interactivity

Fast and safe delivery

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