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Epson EB-450W Projector


Teaching presentations are enhanced with the ultra-short-throw projector that features up to 2500 lumens as well as WXGA resolution, ideal for showing widescreen laptops.

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End of Life

Why the Epson EB-450W?

Set to revolutionise lessons and presentations, the Epson EB-450W ultra-short throw projector combines Epson’s proprietory 3LCD technology with innovative interactive features turns any flat, solid or smooth surface into an interactive learning and presentation area.

Ultra-short throw advantage

Reduced hardware and shadow interference

  • The new ultra-short throw projector design eliminates many of the common problems of interactive systems, such as an eye glare. Anchored close to the wall, you can project extra-large images of up to 203cm (80 inches) with the lens only 48cm (19 inches) away thus reducing significant shadow interference and obstruction.
  • Even when standing directly in front of the screen, the light rarely reaches the face making it easier on the eyes. This makes standing in front of the screen far more pleasant.
  • Shadow interference has been reduced significantly. Previously obstructed areas of the screen are now clearly visible to make sharing information smoother.

Ultra flexible and convenient

Maximise real estate space

  • Take advantage of underutilised classroom space, or turn an existing standard whiteboard into an interactive projection wall. The EB-450W ultra-short throw projector works on almost any surface – a flat wall, an existing whiteboard or even a chalkboard.
  • What’s more, because the whiteboard is optional, you can turn empty areas and plain walls into interactive learning areas and maximise the value of the wall space available.

Ultra big and wide

Active area of up to 243cm (96 inches) diagonal WXGA

  • Maximise interactive learning areas available without paying a premium for size. The EB-450W projector projects images up to 243cm (96 inches) in native WXGA giving every student a great view regardless of where students are seated in the classroom.

Ultra vivid and superior image reproduction with 3LCD Technology

Impeccable image quality

  • With a brightness of White Light Output and Colour Light Output; both at 2500 lumens, you can project images and animations in the highest resolution, even in broad daylight and maintain that all-important eye contact with your students under the most comfortable ambience.

Future proof your investment with a technology-forward all-in-one package. The EB-450Wi projector comes with:

  • Easy network monitoring and control – RJ45 LAN and RS-232 connectivity
  • White Light Output and Colour Light Output; both at 2500 lumens brightness with WXGA
  • Built-in 10-W speaker
  • Energy E-TORL lamp of up to 3500 lamp hours

Partners in perfection

Document Camera DC-06

With Epson Document Camera DC-06, you can project images directly from textbooks, journals, manuals and even 3D objects with detailed projection on the screen. It connects easily to the projector via a USB cable without the need for extra power. Highly compact and lightweight, you can easily pack it with the projector when you need to be on the move.


  • Spare Lamp ELPLP57
  • Air Filter Set ELPAF27
  • USB Document Camera ELPDC06
  • ELPAP05 Quick Wireless Connection USB Key V12H005M05
  • ELPKC09 VGA-HD15 PC Cable (3.0m) V12H005C09
  • ELPKC10 VGA-HD15 Extension Computer Cable (20m) V12H005C10
  • ELPKC22 HDTV CABLE HD15/Dxx,3.0m V12H005C22

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Epson EB-450W Projector

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