High Reliability & Durability

      The DS-520 scanner is designed to deliver a high daily duty cycle of 3,000 pages, and it comes with two key technologies that provide the reliability and durability needed by businesses:

Separation Roller

      This device reliably separates and feeds each page into the scanner, ensuring stable and continuous scanning for large batch requirements.

Ultrasonic Double Feed Detection

      This in-built detector ensures that every page is scanned by sensing if more than a single page has been accidentally fed into the scanner. In this occurrence, it will alert the user to rectify the issue before continuing.


A3 Scanning Without Carrier Sheet

      A3 size documents can now be scanned without a carrier sheet. Simply switch the scanner to non-separation mode, and with the automatic stitching function in Epson Scan, both halves of the image will be reproduced as an entire image.


Easy File Management

      The DS-520 comes bundled with professional software that allows you to easily manage your scanned files.
Document Capture Software*
Easily scan, view, edit, save and transfer scanned documents. It can optically recognise barcodes, characters and blank pages in scanned documents to separate sections into different folders.
      The software provides quick access to post-scan destinations, including scan-to-print, email, Windows™ Public Folder, FTP, Web Folder, and scan to cloud services such as Microsoft® SharePoint Server, Evernote®, Google® Drive™ and SugarSync. Document Capture Pro (for Windows) allows assigning of up to 30 customisable jobs to the Network Interface Unit for push scanning.
      * Document Capture Pro (Windows), Document Capture (Mac OS X)

Presto! BizCard 5

    Presto! BizCard is a business card management application which helps you convert important information on business cards via OCR and imports the data into a digital database.


Epson OCR Component

    This OCR add-on allows you to create searchable PDF files, automatically straighten and orientate your documents based on character recognition.


High Speed Duplex Scanning

    The DS-520 utilises LED technology and is always ready with zero warm up time. Coupled with its high capacity 50-sheet Automatic Document Feeder, it performs speedily at 30ppm/60ipm at 300dpi for both colour and monochrome, resulting in significant improvements in office productivity.


Optional Network Support

      With the optional Network Interface Unit connected through its USB port, the DS-520 scanner can be shared with multiple users across your network.
      Users with Document Capture Pro(for Windows) can assign up to 30 customisable jobs to the Network Interface Unit for push scanning.


Automatic Size Recognition

      Place documents of different sizes ranging from A6 to Legal in the middle of the feeding tray and the DS-520 will automatically detect and scan everything in the correct size, all in a single batch.


ISIS Driver Support

    The DS-520 comes with support for the web-downloadable, open standard ISIS driver, allowing quick and easy integration with existing ISIS users.


Powerful and Comprehensive Epson Scan Features

      The Epson Scan suite of functions includes numerous useful and innovative capabilities including the following highlights:

PDF/A-1b (ISO) Compliant Files

      Archive your digital documents for long term storage and visual reproduction with embedded fonts.

Power Off Timer Setting

      Save power consumption by programming the scanner to Power Off after being idle for a set time.

Colour Enhancement & Colour Dropout

      Remove or enhance the visibility of ink signatures such as “Confidential” and “Urgent” stamps. Users can pick one of the preset colours (red, green, blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange, or all colours except black), or use the customised settings to dropout or enhance up to 5 colours of your choice with a single scan.