Superior Performance and Reliability

print up to 40ppm

    The AL-M8100DN is ready for action in less than 19 seconds and delivers its first page out in under 9.0 seconds. Equipped with a 600Mhz dual core processor, 1GB memory and a speedy performance of up to 40 ppm for A4 printing, the AL-M8100DN is built to handle complex print jobs efficiently and achieve optimal productivity, while supporting A3 printing and print volumes of up to 220,000 pages per month.


Scalable Work Efficiency

      The AL-M8100DN is designed to grow with your needs. Easily increase your paper capacity from 600 sheets to 2,600 sheets with the addition of up to 4 optional 500-sheet cassettes, reducing time spent on replenishing paper.


optional cassette trays 

    4 optional cassette trays increase paper volume to 2,600 sheets


Security and Connectivity Features

Secure Printing

      Secure printing prevents unauthorised access to confidential documents by holding jobs at the printer. Print jobs will only be released when a password is entered. IPSEC/SSL encryption allows for secure printing of sensitive and confidential document while minimising the risk of an information leak.

Connectivity Features

      Increase workgroup printing efficiency with network connectivity enhanced by Gigabit Ethernet support, ideal for even the most complex IT systems. Its direct USB port allows printing without the need for drivers or a PC, resulting in enhanced productivity.

Epson iPrint Compatible
Epson iPrint

      Epson iPrint provides easy access to print using mobile devices. Simply connect the printer to a Wi-Fi router to begin printing wirelessly via your Apple


      iOS™ or Android


    mobile devices.


Excellent Print Quality

AcuBrite™ Technology

      Epson AcuBrite


      toners utilise highly uniform toner particle size and wax distribution for consistently impressive results. This unique printing technology gives you superb clarity with sharpness and outstandingly crisp and bold black text that lasts.
      A high resolution of 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi together with Epson’s AcuBrite


      Technology delivers sharp, realistic-looking black-and-white documents.

Advanced Amplitude Modulation (AAM) Screen

      Clearer reproduction of small-sized text, detailed graphics as well as web images.

Dot Correction Technology

      Improves print quality of fine lines and details in photos and in documents with graphical details such as charts.

Monochrome Visibility Enhancement

      An invaluable feature for better reproduction of very lightly coloured text. Depending on the setting, it can help to underline/bold/highlight sections of text for better visibility. This function can also “decorate” (box up/colour) graphs and charts to clearly differentiate segments of the chart.


Visibility (Monochrome visibility imporovement) and Decorations

Smart Duplex Printing

Duplex Printing

    Epson’s Smart Duplex Printing System doesn’t just stop at saving costs by saving paper. When printing odd number pages in duplex and in set, the last page is printed in simplex to reduce print time by up to 20%.


Easier Management of Print Jobs

      With our new print management features, you can easily take control of your workgroup’s printing workflow.


Print Job Arranger Lite

      Users can combine several print jobs with the Print Job Arranger Lite and customise print settings for individual print jobs simultaneously. For multipage documents, print settings can be customised for individual pages. Examples include landscape/portrait orientation, single/double-sided, change of paper size, page layout (up to 4-up), and re-arranging pages within a print job.


Print Job Arranger Lite 

Print Job Interruption

    This feature allows users to interrupt the print queue when there is an urgent print job. Interrupted print jobs are paused and can be resumed later once the urgent tasks are completed. Users can cancel the print job from the control panel even when the printer is in the process of printing.


Better Products for a Better Future

      Epson toner cartridges are made from recycled materials and ozone-free parts to reduce material wastage and environmental impact. The AL-M8100DN is also Energy Star


      compliant for significant energy savings. The new SOC12-H controller enables power saving modes that temporarily shut down the dual core systems processor when not in use, consuming only 3.1W in sleep mode and 1.2W in deep sleep mode.
      For more information on Epson’s environmental programme, visit