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LA350A Smart Air Purifier


HEPA Filter Plus Active Carbon Filter Cleans up to 39 square meters space Purifies within 20 minutes 330 cubic meter/hour Clean Air Delivery Rate

Realtime Smart Controller Detect and monitor CO2, particulate matter, TVOC Compatible Smartphone App (android and IOS) for remote monitoring and control

* includes 1 x LA21 HEPA Filter and 1 x LA31 Active Carbon Filter


You are in Complete Control

You have complete control at the touch of your hands. Wind speed and power are easily adjusted to remove harmful VOCs and particulates from the air with a sweeping motion.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): 330 m³/h
Recommended area up to: 39 m2
Whole area purification: 18 mins


LIFAair Realtime Smart Controller

Unlike other purifiers on the market today, LIFAair smart controller measures multiple pollutant levels and is the command center of the air purifier. Efficient and high-performance filtration combined with the smart command display unit makes this workhorse altogether in a league of its own. The smart controller is equipped with 3 high-precision sensors for particles including PM2.5, formaldehyde/VOC (volatile organic compounds) and carbon dioxide. It also reads temperature while keeping track of CADR speed and filter usage, all in realtime.

Robust and Efficient Cleaning

LA352 comes with 1 activated carbon barrel filled with 1kg premium anti-acid activated carbon and medical H12 grade filter. Combined with our smart monitor, a 30 sq meter room can be scanned and cleaned precisely and efficiently from formaldehyde, smog and other particles.

Recommended Floor Area: 23 – 39 m2

PM2.5 Purification Efficiency: > 99.99% (30min)
Particle CADR: 330 m³/h
Bacteria Removal Efficiency: 99.99%
HCHO Purification Efficiency: 98.75%
HCHO CADR: 140 m3/h
Sensor PM2.5: Laser
Sensor CO2: Dual Thermopile
Sensor HCHO: Electrochemical
Sensor Temp. / Hum.: Semiconductor / Thermal Resistance
Noise Level: 32 – 66 dPa
Power Consumption: 1 – 60W
Battery Capacity, Monitor Unit: 2600 mAh
Filter model number: LA21

Weight: 11.5 Kg

Dimensions: Diam. 250 X 505

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