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HP 70 130-ml Cyan DesignJet Ink Cartridge


  • Empty weight: 0.052 kg
  • Ink types: Pigment-based
  • Color(s) of printing supplies: Cyan
  • Print cartridge volume delivered: 130 ml
  • Selectability: 70

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Avoid waste and rework that can cost time and money. Original HP Photo Inks are designed and tested with the printer and our broad media portfolio for consistent, hassle-free printing. Original HP ink cartridge 2-packs offer savings and convenience.

Original HP Photo Ink is specifically engineered to deliver consistent results every time you print. Carefully selected ultra-pure pigments and exclusive ink formulation technology ensure that pigment particles remain evenly dispersed and ink flows freely. This prevents settling and clumping of particles that can clog printhead nozzles and cause inconsistent print quality. Original HP Photo Ink takes the hassle out of getting brilliant, vivid color—that you can repeat—print after print.

HP 2-packs and individually replaceable ink cartridges make printing easy and cost-effective.

Original HP Photo Ink and HP’s broad portfolio of photo, fine-art and proofing media have been designed together to do the job right. More than 80 tests may be conducted on the print attributes of the ink and media to ensure the highest-quality results possible. You get color accuracy and consistency you can count on. So you can skip the waste and rework.

Unique Original HP Photo Inks are formulated through a process of rigorous testing. Ink chemists typically design up to 1000 prototype ink formulations that are subjected to hundreds of tests to see how the ink interacts with the cartridge, the printer and the media. For example, all HP inks are subjected to more than 20 tests for purity to prevent problems that degrade image quality such as microscopic contaminants that can clog printhead nozzles.

Simple, problem-free printing. Built-in intelligent technology makes adjustments for color accuracy and consistency, enables convenient supplies reordering.[1] With Original HP Photo Ink and HP media, get quick color stability for fast print reviews.

Print quality and reliability are optimized with built-in intelligent technology.

Convenient, time-saving supplies reordering[1] facilitated by built-in intelligent technology.

Professional quality prints across a broad range of media are enabled by HP’s careful selection of Original HP Photo Ink colorants, the ink design, the amount of colorant used and the ink vehicle. Designed and tested together with HP media, you get color accuracy and consistency you can count on. And you get quick color stability that enables timely review of your prints.

It’s easy to identify and install the individual ink cartridge color you need to replace.

Innovative Original HP Photo Ink technology delivers an unmatched combination of outstanding image quality and over 200 years print permanence on a range of HP media.[2] You also get a wide color gamut, rich black density and true gray neutrality.

When you use Original HP Photo Inks, you get outstanding quality prints that make a lasting impression. Prints produced with Original HP Photo Inks achieve over 200 years print permanence on a range of HP creative and specialty media.[2] And prints are water resistant on a range of HP creative and specialty media, so you can count on the HP printing system and its supplies for consistent, high-quality results.

Original HP Photo Inks produce millions of color combinations across a wide color gamut to make the brilliant, vivid color you envision a reality. Color stabilizes quickly and colors stay true even when viewed in various lighting conditions. A valuable tool that helps you show off and sell your creative services from museum-quality prints such as photos and fine-art prints to proofing and full-color reproduction.

Incredibly crisp, beautiful black-and-white prints reveal even the smallest details in the shadows when produced by black Original HP Photo Ink formulations. These inks produce a broad range of blacks and grays with smooth, subtle transitions, true gray neutrality, and rich black density.

A set of creative tools that has earned your confidence gives you more time for creative experimentation. You can skip the trial and error when you use HP’s broad portfolio of photo, proofing and fine art media—including HP Professional Satin Photo Paper and HP Premium Instant-dry Photo Papers—with Original HP Photo Inks. HP inks and large-format media have been designed, engineered and tested together for consistently outstanding results, every time you print.


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HP 70 130-ml Cyan DesignJet Ink Cartridge