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Epson TM-T88V-i


Intelligent receipt printer

Simple and convenient receipt printing, using XML commands to communicate directly with HTML 5 compatible browsers

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Restaurants & Cafes


  • Orders rapidly processed with information immediately sent to and printed at relevant section of operation
  • Less waiting time for customers and reduced turnaround time for each table
  • Improves operational efficiency
Government Agencies, Hospitals, Financial Institutions


  • Customers able to make own appointments and reservations using personal devices.
  • Receipt issued upon arrival, speeding up queue processing
  • Greatly improved customer experience with efficient queue management
Specialty Retail Stores


  • Save valuable retail space and avoid unsightly clutter
  • Provides customers with rapid order processing for a better shopping experience
  • Option to integrate additional payment devices such as MSRs or NFC card readers

Epson TM-T88V-i Intelligent Printer

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, the widespread use of mobile devices has spearheaded a new era in transaction processing. Web-based applications and databases built to connect seamlessly with mobile devices have now made retail transaction processing faster and more convenient than ever, with low set-up costs compared to traditional systems.

The TM-T88V-i empowers customers to take advantage of these advances to deploy a compact, wireless and holistic POS system with on or offline web server transaction processing. It is based on highly-reliable Epson receipt printers which feature a built–in web server, Epson’s unique e-POS-print technology for browser-based printing from any smart mobile device, an industrial-grade PC processor with an embedded Linux platform, peripheral connectivity and VGA output.

Intelligent Communication

Direct Print

Epson has developed a new solution that enables direct printing from web applications (HTML 5 compatible) without a PC or print drivers. Our innovative ePOS-Print technology delivers a straightforward solution for XML printing using smart mobile devices and tablets. This OS-independent solution eliminates the need for the hassle of software maintenance and updates each time a new version of an OS is launched, creating a superior and unmatched printing solution for users.

CANVAS function for graphics and handwriting

With their HTML 5 CANVAS function; the TM-T88V-i can converts pictures, fonts or handwriting elements to black and white graphics before sending them for printing. This allows for capabilities such as customers being able to sign their names for credit card bills or customizing orders by handwriting on smart devices, which are then printed.


Use easy-to-develop web applications without the need to consider different Operating Systems (OS) or Software Development Kit (SDKs) for various smart devices or to install printer drivers. Should hardware be discontinued, no follow up is required by the user, as there was no driver installation.

Compact & Space-Saving

With the TM-T88V-i, no PC is required. A POS transaction system could be as simple as a single smart mobile device wirelessly connected to a single TM-i printer! This allows for efficient space usage and a clutter-free working environment.

  • Conventional POS: Cluttered and messy
  • Epson TM-i POS: Neat, mobile and compact

Easy Developer Tool

The TM-T88V-i comes with the ePOS Print Editor: a graphical developer tool that makes it easy to create web applications from a browser interface. Simply drag and drop program elements and specify required parameters, and the ePOS Print Editor will generate the necessary codes for your needs automatically!

Cost Effective

The TM-T88V-i offers a low cost method of adding web application printing capability to small networks without the need for additional PCs, and are able to host web application databases stored on MicroSD cards.

Convenience and Full Control

For a holistic transaction processing system, the TM-T88V-i features a printer hub function that can send different print instructions relating to the same transaction to as many as 20 connected Epson POS printers. For example, in a restaurant, order information can be routed to a kitchen printer for preparation, while billing information for the same transaction can be sent to the cashier counter to be printed in the final receipt.

Ordering point

Epson TM-i at cashier counter acts as a printer hub and prints final receipt

Client printer in kitchen prints order information for food preparation

Client printer at bar prints drink orders for drink preparation

Slave Printer Control:

Supported Printers:TM-T88V, TM-T70, TM-T90, TM-L90 (firmware version 3 onwards), TM-T82II, TM-P20, TM-U220

No. of Printers:Up to 20 units (equipped with Ethernet or wireless LAN interface)


General Information:

Power Specifications:AC 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz

Product Power Consumption:2.8 W (when standby) / 38.7W(when operating)
External Dimensions (D x W x H) (base unit only, with rear cover):145 mm (5.71”) x 195mm (6.26”) x 148mm (5.83”)
Mass:1.6kg (3.53lbs)



Wireless LAN:OT-WL01 (802.11 b/g/n) – C32C890734

Customer Display Unit:DM-D110 – A61B133114
Customer Display Pole Unit:DP-105 – A62B098112
Customer Display Base Plate:DP-110 – A62B131113


Safety Standards:

Safety Standards:VCCI ClassA / CE Marketing / EMC Directive ClassA / Low Voltage Directive TÜV / UL / FCC ClassA


Paper Dimensions:

Width:Width (mm) 79± 0.5mm/ 57.5 ± 0.5mm

Roll Diameter (mm):max. 83mm


Printer Software:

Default OS :Embedded Linux 2.6.30

Device Control Software:Epson ePOS SDK, ePOS-Device XML, ePOS-Print XMLe
POS-Device Compatible:Internet Explorer 8 or later
Web Browser:Mozilla Firefox 13.0 or later Google Chrome 21 or later Safari (iOS 5.0) or later



Ethernet:10/100 Base-T/TX

USB:USB 2.0 (Type A) x 4, Micro-AB x 1 (for maintenance use only)
Serial:D-Sub 9 pin x 1 (For Peripheral Connection Only)
Drawer:RJ12 6-pin


Auto cutter life:

Auto Cutter Life:Up to 2 million cuts (on approved media)



MTBF:360,000 hours (main unit) 180,000 hours (intelligence board)

Printer Mechanism Life:20 million lines

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