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Epson SureColor SC-T5430M 36-in Technical Printer


Take your plans to a bigger scale

The T-series printers heighten your ideas by showcasing them in a big way with its stand-out performance, impeccable precision and exceptional engineering. Engineered for precision and reliability, the printer comes with the PrecisionCore printheads and UltraChrome XD2 ink to help businesses go big on their plans.

  • 36-inch Large Format multifunction technical printer with scanning capability
  • Top class line accuracy
  • Durable and vibrant printouts with Epson all-pigment UltraChrome XD Ink
  • Outstanding speeds of up to 2 A1 prints per minute

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Outstanding Speed & Quality
Impressive Print Speeds
The PrecisionCode printhead technology enables remarkable print speeds that will print A1 printouts in 22 seconds* – the fastest in speed among all Epson T-Series printers.

Unsurpassable Quality
With an improved formulation that works especially well with plain paper and special media such as tracing paper, the UltraChrome XD2 uses pigment ink for CMYK to provide quality, and to deliver accurate and sharp line printing that is suitable for vector images or luster data. The all-pigment UltraChrome XD2 ink achieves less bleed through and are better at withstanding the harsh weather conditions compared to dye-inks, and are also water resistant.

Advanced Scanning Capabilities**
RGB Filters with Dual LEDs
In-built with RGB Filters and deal LEDs, the CIS Scanner on the SC-T5430M scans documents with greater clarity. Highlighter colours are clearly reflected, while wrinkle shadows are muted.

Supports Various Scan Modes

  • Watercolour Rendering – Enable scans without breaking the gradation in watercolour renderings
  • Recycled Paper Correction – Corrects the colour tone from recycled papers
  • Tracing Paper Correction – Corrects the colour tone from tracing papers
  • Blue Print Scanning – Captures every line in a blue print for sharper details
  • Inverted Blue Print – Enable scanning for inverted blue print scanning

Control at your Fingertips
A 4.3 inch touch panel on the T-series gives you the convenience of an easy setup and a PC-less operation that just makes things extra efficient.

Preview before Printing
Save time and money when you preview your documents before printing, preventing accidental misprints that could otherwise lead to wastage.

Seamless Scan to Print
Scan and enlarge your printouts in just four easy steps without needing to connect to a computer. The SC-T5430 has an integrated scanner that will capture high resolution images and translate them in sharp details, ready for print.

Using compatible scanners*** for the SC-T3430 and SC-T5430, you can seamlessly scan and print directly from the T-series printers.

Compact, User-Friendly Design
User Convenience in Mind
Designed with the user in mind, the printer will print and cut printouts without dropping it from the printer, until it is ready to be collected.

Ideal for Corners
As the printers are built for a full front operation, it can be placed ideally in any corner of the office, without taking up too much space.

Ergonomically Designed
The T-series printers’ smart design can cater to users of different heights to help make it comfortable for them to load the media as well as to operate the printers.

User-friendly Features
The printer enables easy handling by a single user. With the scanner being easily opened, to clear out jams or for maintenance.

Trusted Productivity
Wirelelss Connectivity
The T-series is integrated with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, making it convenient to print right from smart devices from anywhere in the office. The Wi-Fi Direct function acts as an access point, allowing devices to connect directly to the printer without a router. Additionally, the T-series printers come equipped to allow direct wireless printing from any Apple devices through Apple AirPrint****, without the need for any additional drivers.

Nozzle Verification Technology
Print without interruptions with the advanced built-in Nozzle Verification Technology (NVT). This technology monitors nozzle health and adjusts print quality automatically without interruption, even during printing.

Precision Printhead Technology
The T-series comes equipped with the next generation PrecisionCore printhead technology, enabling superior print speed, quality and reliability. PrecisionCore technology utilises piezo elements to mechanically eject the ink. This heatless technology prolongs printhead longevity, providing reliable long-term operation.

The PrecisionCore technology, as well as Variable Size Dot Technology, allow the ink droplets to be controlled to the finesse of 3.5 picolitres.

Anti-dust Design
Incorporating a unique anti-dust design, the T-series printers require minimal cleaning and maintenance that are required for environments that are traditionally dusty, such as construction sites.


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Epson SureColor SC-T5430M 36-in Technical Printer