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Epson EH-DM3


Epson is pleased to introduce the Epson EH-DM3 All-In-One Home Theatre! Featuring built in DVD/DivX player, virtual surround sound stereo speakers and a host of automatic set-up features, the Epson EH-DM3 Home Theatre delivers amazing results in a stylish user friendly package. The Epson EH-DM3 is anywhere, anytime, entertainment simplicity.

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  • All-In-One Simplicity – With the EH-DM3 the DVD Player and virtual surround sound stereo speakers are built in. Simply plug the EH-DM3 into a power point, and you’re ready for the full big screen experience
  • Automatic Set-up – The EH-DM3 automatically senses the ambient light level in a room and selects the most appropriate theatre colour mode to suit. It can even sense the projected image and adjust the vertical keystone to give you a sharp, square image.
  • Highly Portable – Small, light weight and featuring an inbuilt carry handle, the EH-DM3 is a complete take anywhere entertainment system.
  • Broad Connectivity Options Including HDMI – With the EH-DM3 you can connect to a multitude of devices including gaming consoles, your digital set-top box, TV tuner, Foxtel and BluRay players.
  • Gaming, Music, and Photo slide-shows – Project your favourite gaming console or PC for a bigger, more exciting experience! You can even run photo slideshows from a USB memory device or CD / DVD or listen to your favourite music CDs.

All-In-One Home Theatre
An all-in-one design concept offering portability, simple connectivity, inbuilt CD/DVD/DivEX player and high quality stereo speakers, the Epson EH-DM3 offers a large screen experience like never before. Achieve a brilliant wide-screen performance anywhere – anytime.

Enjoy action-packed DVDs, sporting events and gaming, share your digital photos on the big-screen, watch your favourite Foxtel programs or simply enjoy listening to your favourite Music CDs. With the Epson EH-DM3, convenience and simplicity combine in one high performance unit.

With no need for untidy video or audio cables, viewing a DVD is as simple as positioning the EH-DM3 connecting the power, and pressing play. Whether you use it for your kid’s parties, an at home karaoke night, a video gaming marathon, outdoor cinema in the backyard, or simply to project your favourite movie onto the wall in the lounge room, the EH-DM3 will be central to all of your home entertainment experiences! And once the party is over, simply connect directly to your PC or notebook computer and you’re ready for Monday morning’s presentation to a new business prospect.

Small and light weight, the EH-DM3 is highly portable. With a built in easy-to-hold handle its a pleasure to bring along when visiting friends or relatives.

Bright and Sharp
The Epson EH-DM3 delivers superb image brightness and colour contrast. Capable of brightness levels of up to 2,000 lumens light output and 2,000 lumens colour light output. And thanks to the power of 3LCD technology, the EH-DM3 delivers both colours and whites of unequalled quality.

Built-in DVD Player and Virtual Surround Sound Stereo Speakers
A beautiful image accompanied by rich, stereo sound without the need for untidy, complex cabling. The EH-DM3 delivers when and where you want the full home theatre experience. Play DVD movies, or photo slide show on the big screen, or listen to audio CDs all from this one convenient home entertainment unit.

Exclusive to Epson, E-TORL lamp technology delivers light projection efficiency with minimal light diffraction and the elimination of light leakage.

Simple Connectivity including USB / PC and HDMI Ports
Connect a gaming console, video camera, set-top box or even a PC. The EH-DM3 is easy to use and will enhance your entertainment and presentation experience to a new level.

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