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Epson EB-Z10000 Projector


Our brightest installation projector

Epson’s brightest and most technologically advanced projector yet

Key Features

  • Brightest: 10,000 lumens White Light Output and 10,000 lumens Colour Light Output
  • Operating temp: Wide 0- 50°C operating temperature
  • DCDi by Faroudja: Class leading DCDi enhancement
  • Shutter speed: Fast mechanical shutter speed
  • Lens provided: Comes with a lens
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Why the Epson EB-Z10000?

Set to revolutionise large-scale presentations, Epson’s latest 3LCD-powered, high-definition series achieves excellent gradation, smooth colour change and superlative cinema-like quality that bring images to life.


Astonishing 10,000 lumens output

This series is Epson’s first 10,000-lumen projectors launched in the market. With an astonishing light output, you get dazzling, high-definition projections in lecture halls, large conference rooms, auditoriums and even in bright ambient surroundings.

Auto Iris

Differences in brightness can result in loss of detail, especially with quick cuts between dark and light scenes. Epson’s new ultra smooth auto iris, with a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, monitoring the intrinsic brightness level of each scene and automatically adjusting to the optimal level (even with rapid switching between light and dark scenes). Brilliant scenes are crisp and clear, while dark scenes retain all the details of the original photo.

Faroudja DCDi Cinema

This projector features Faroudja DCDi® (Directional Correlational Deinterlacing) Cinema chipset, a video enhancement technology that produces an exceptional image quality without introducing artifacts. Faroudja DCDi was developed to eliminate jagginess using a unique algorithm. This technology, in combination with decoding, deinterlacing and enhancement technologies, won an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in the USA in 2001.

Epson Cinema Filter

The Epson Cinema Filter extracts very pure hues of the three primary colour gamut, enabling unbeatable colour reproduction and quality while maintaining high contrast ratios. So you enjoy the same range of colours as those of digital cinema.


This colour mode produces images with clear shadows, ideal for projecting X-rays and other medical images.*

* Not for actual medical diagnosis

Frame Interpolation

Now, you can enjoy clearer, sharper playback with Epson’s Frame Interpolation Technology. This feature effectively eliminates motion blurring by inserting new frames between original ones to create smoother motion transition.

Super Resolution Technology

The super resolution technology reveals details that other projectors can’t, allowing you to enjoy high definition quality on large screens even from low resolution videos.



This feature helps you seamlessly project multiple images using two or more projections together for bigger, more compelling presentations. The edge-blending attribute lets you control brightness at the crossover edge to create a panoramic image. It also has multi-screen colour adjustment, so fine brightness and colour adjustments can be made for each projector.

Point Correction

Now you can correct single-projector distortion or multiple-projector misalignment on the screen. With the point correction feature, you can quickly fine-tune the images, adjusting point by point from right to left, up and down, using a projected 9 × 9 matrix at a minimum.

Extended Connectivity

Adaptability to a wide range of devices means that this projector series is compatible with any setting. Its advanced connectivity features make it simple to incorporate additional technology as you upgrade your system. And with two HDMI ports, you get high-quality image projection.

* SD1 Port available only in EB-Z8450WU & EB-Z8450WUNL

Split Screen

Split screen allows inputs from two separate sources to be displayed side by side on the same screen for a more effective presentation. In video conferences, images of presentation materials and remote participants can be shown simultaneously.

Arc Correction

This function makes it easy to quickly and precisely correct any vertical or horizontal distortion of the projected image.

Lens Shift

Enjoy the ease and versatility of projector and screen placement with Epson’s lens shift feature. It has a maximum vertical lens shift of 70% and a maximum horizontal lens shift of 20%, allowing the user to have the flexibility in projector and screen placements.

Network Management

With Epson’s Network monitoring and control software, you can see from a single PC which projectors are available and whether they are running efficiently – even across the biggest network.


Long Life

With Epson’s proprietary C2Fine™ (Crystal Clear Fine) Technology and inorganic LCD panels with its Original Cooling system, these projectors can withstand temperatures up to 55°C while preserving brightness and picture quality. It also operates on low noise, making the use of projector unobtrusive in meeting rooms and lecture halls.

Easy Maintenance

Change lamps and filters easily without having to uninstall the projector from the ceiling. Bayonet mounts make lens replacement simple as well.

Better Products for a Better Future

Partners in Perfection


Rotating camera head
10x digitial zoom and manual zoom
Advanced Features with split screen function
Compatible with microscopes
Application Software, File management


  • ELPLP72 Spare Lamp
  • ELPAF23 Air Filter Set
  • ELPAP07 Wireless LAN Unit
  • ELPMB25, ELPMB26 Ceiling Mount (White colour)
  • ELPLR04 Rear Projection Wide Lens
  • ELPLW04 Wide Zoom Lens
  • ELPS04 Standard Zoom Lens
  • ELPLM06 Middle Throw Zoom Lens 1
  • ELPLM07 Middle Throw Zoom Lens 2
  • ELPLL07 Long Throw Zoom Lens

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