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Epson EB-L1200U Laser WUXGA 3LCD Projector

Take image quality to new levels with our latest large venue installation range, featuring game-changing laser projection technology and the world’s first1 12,000lm WUXGA 3LCD laser projector. Capture your audience’s attention with Full HD resolution and 4K enhancement technology, that allows users to experience the latest 4K effect

Key Features

  • Laser light source technology: Reliable and long-lasting picture quality (up to 83,000 hours1)
  • Superior picture quality: Enhanced light output; superior white balance; better colour matching
  • HD images with 4K enhancement: Exceptional sharpness, clarity and detail for the real 4K effect
  • Flexible 360⁰ installation: True flexibility without distortion or loss of brightness
  • Added peace of mind: Product comes with 5-year, 20,000 hour warranty

Phased Out.


Promising long-life laser projection for large venues, this 7,000 lumens WUXGA projector delivers rich, vivid colours thanks to Epson’s 3LCD technology and equally high White and Colour Light Output. With flexible installation and low maintenance, this 4K enhanced projector offers a fit-and-forget solution for scenarios in which only superior projections will do.

Laser-sharp images

Ensure superb quality and the best possible delivery of presentations with this laser installation projector for large venues. Featuring 3LCD technology and equally high White and Colour Light Output, its WUXGA resolution images are vivid and bright, even in daylight. Including a newly developed inorganic phosphor wheel, the projector offers superior light and heat resistance to deliver excellent reliability. For a next-level viewing experience, the projector features 4K enhancement, giving images exceptional sharpness and clarity that lasts for up to 83,000 hours1 thanks to a long laser life. A built-in camera is also included to ensure accurate image calibration.

Flexible positioning

Thanks to a new range of motorised lenses, including optional ultra-short throw (UST) lens, the projector benefits from true 360⁰ installation flexibility, allowing it to be placed virtually anywhere – without loss of brightness or distortion of image.

Quick set-up

Get started quickly thanks to a lens memory function, which stores projector settings such as image position, focus and zoom, for prompt access when projecting images in different aspect ratios, or using different lenses. A split-screen mode also allows dual feeds to be projected.

Added peace of mind

The product comes with a 5-year, 20,000 hour warranty.

The Power to Inspire

Captivate your audience with our ground-breaking laser installation projectors. Experience superior-quality images and enjoy minimal maintenance, maximum flexibility and added reliability.

A New era of wide screen Presenting

Take image quality to new levels with our latest large venue installation range, featuring game-changing laser projection technology and the world’s first1 12,000lm WUXGA 3LCD laser projector. Capture your audience’s attention with Full HD resolution and 4K enhancement technology, that allows users to experience the latest 4K effect.

Visual perfection

Create stunning projections in auditoriums, lecture theatres, galleries, shopping centres and more. Our acclaimed 3LCD and laser light source technologies get your message across even in brightly lit rooms, with images that have three times brighter colours than the competition.

A new world of presenting

Make a big impression with innovative features and presenting tools, ranging from flexible 360° installation, motorised changeable lenses and split-screen presenting, to a time-saving lens memory function and a built-in camera for consistent image calibration.

Outstanding reliability

Say hello to sophisticated, big screen installation projectors you can truly count on. Installation and set-up is straightforward, while a laser life of up to 56,000 hours and a filter maintenance cycle of up to 30,000 hours, keep maintenance to a minimum.

Laser light precision

Experience astonishing quality and reliability with our new laser light source and advanced filter. Combine versatile presenting features with 30,000 hours of maintenance-free use and consistent performance, for total peace of mind during important presentations. Innovations in projector technology like these ensure we continue to be number one in the world of projectors, and have been since 2001.

Impressive figures

Impress even the most discerning audiences with a range of high-tech features that take presentations to the next level, whatever the environment.

Just about anywhere

Create eye-catching images in unusual settings without distortion or loss of brightness, even on a corner or curve. The projector can be rotated up to 360° in any direction, bringing floors and ceilings into play.

Hours of laser brilliance

If you need a projector that you can count on, the EB-L1000 Series is sure to deliver. The laser light source lasts up to 56,000 hours depending on viewing mode, and the optical engine lasts typically between 20,000 and 56,000 hours, ensuring your presentations are trouble free.

Long-term performance

Each projector comes with a 20,000 hour or five year warranty (whichever comes first) to give you reliable long-term performance and complete peace of mind, allowing you to concentrate on your presentations.

Compact power

It’s small and mighty; the ground-breaking 12,000lm WUXGA EB-L1500U/1505U adds power to your presentations, and is also up to 18% smaller and 8% lighter than competitors’ 12,000Im devices.

Multi-projector perfection

Create stunning large-scale images using additional projectors, with seamless tiling and blending, optimised white balance and better black colour matching between units. Make precise adjustments to the start position, edge width and area of the black level in the blend and save time by reducing overlapping areas.

Native contrast ratio

Project images with clear contrast, even in daylight or with the lights on. A high brightness of up to 12,000lm and a native contrast ratio of 2,000:1, ensure super dark blacks and super bright whites. There’s even an inner sensor to adjust the intensity of blue and yellow light to make whites even more appealing.

Two screens in one

Compare and contrast different subjects and enhance presentations with the split screen function, which makes it easy to project images from two different sources simultaneously.

4K quality resolution

Take presenting into the future with 4K enhancement technology, which effectively doubles the resolution for an even better image. It gives viewers the 4K experience with improved texture, exceptional sharpness, clarity and detail. It does this by shifting the pixels of Full HD 1080p content, diagonally by 0.5 pixels.

3 LCD – the perfect combination

Our 3LCD technologies combine high resolution, brightness and rich colours to produce vivid, engaging images even in brightly lit rooms. Our 3-chip, solid-state optical engines optimise white balance and black colour matching for seamless blending. Equally high White and Colour Light Output makes images consistent and three times brighter than 1-chip DLP projectors, without any rainbow effect.

Larger than life

See the complete picture with corner-to-corner detail of Full HD widescreen content, with standard native WUXGA resolution. You can have the ultimate viewing experience with the world’s first 12,000 Im WUXGA laser model; the EB-L1500U/1505U.

Wider colour gamut

Enjoy more vibrant colours and even more accurate colour reproduction with Epson’s technology. It impressively achieves three times the colour gamut of 1-chip DLP projectors with Epson’s HTPS panels. You can also adjust hue, saturation and brightness for each colour in the RGB and CMY colour models.

Inorganic LCD panels and phosphor wheel for outstanding reliability

Get a better picture for longer with Epson’s newly developed phosphor wheel. It is made of inorganic material with superior light and heat-resistance, to deliver excellent reliability. We’ve also developed inorganic LCD panels. Combining an inorganic phosphor wheel with inorganic LCD panels in a laser projector results in bright, vibrant images for extremely long periods.

30,000 hours of maintenance-free use

Minimise your workload; get 30,000 hours of maintenance-free use with our newly designed laser light source, which incorporates an inorganic phosphor wheel and LCD panels. This technology makes EB-L1000 Series laser projectors highly reliable, and durable, thereby reducing maintenance time and effort. Additionally, the advanced electrostatic filter lasts for up to 30,000 hours.


The power to present

These projectors give you the power to surpass your presenting goals. They make so much more possible with versatile tools and features that are built to meet the changing demands and increasing expectations of audiences.

A range of lenses

Highly flexible, these projectors can be adapted to suit a range of venue sizes and layouts, with the expansive portfolio of motorised lenses. This collection includes an ultra-short-throw (UST) zero offset lens6 which produces a 100-inch screen from only 76cm away. A choice of lenses also makes it easier to use an existing ceiling or wall mount. 

Versatile installation

Project perfectly uniform images with the powered lens with new stepping motor, for very precise image adjustments up to +/- 67% vertical and +/-30% horizontal. This can be done manually or by remote control, and is very useful for edge blending and stacking. Store up to ten lens settings, while a new OSD Control Pad function gives you control via the web or a smart device.

Wide connectivity

Setting up and integration is made simple with a range of inputs. Support for HD-SDI/HDBase-T provides full HD video, audio and Ethernet, while the 3G-SDI input on the EB-L1500U/EB-L1505U/ EB-L1405U allows the projection of fully uncompressed images.

Built-in camera

Keep projections consistent and maintenance to a minimum with the built-in camera. This detects images that have become uneven over time, subtle inconsistencies between multiple projectors, and enables automatic colour correction. You can choose  whether to check manually, or set up for automatic checking at regular intervals.


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