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Epson Document Camera ELPDC13


Cut through the hassle, and get straight to your presentation. Epsons series of document cameras not only captures details with Full HD resolution, its versatile connectivity also gives you great functionality.

Pixels: 2MP (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Camera Sensor: 1/2.7 inch CMOS Sensor
Resolution: Up to Full HD (1080p)
Zoom: 16x Digital Zoom
Weight: Approx 2.5kg

Model: V12H757052



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Epson Document Camera ELPDC21 Full HD

Realistic and Larger Images

Large Capture Area

    Open students’ eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. With a large capture area, the ELPDC13 lets you display virtually any object – from a two-page spread in a textbook to 3D objects or content from your smart devices.

Microscope Support

    You can even share organisms under a microscopic via the included microscope adapter. Just fit the adapter to any standard microscope eyepiece and bring the smallest particles to the big screen for all to see.

16x Digital Zoom

    Versatile rotating camera head with intuitive 16x digital zoom and a microscope adapter to provide sharp detail and clear magnification, making it the perfect tool for a dynamic presentation.

Frame Rate

    Watch your presentation come alive with the 30 frames-per-second (fps) video that provides ultra-smooth video performance and minimal delays.

Full HD Image Output

    Capture every detail and impress your audiences with brilliant Full HD 1080p resolution.

Hassle-free Compatibility

    Enjoy instant interactivity with easy-to-use interactive tools. With PC-less annotation, add notes and diagrams to live images with Epson’s interactive projectors. Its compatibility with Epson’s interactive projectors gives you ease-of-control to your presentations.

  Example 1: Start/stop recording on the big screen

         Example 2: Zoom in/out on the big screen

Compact and Flexible

    Captured images can be easily displayed by adjusting the arm position and camera head of the ELPDC13. This document camera is also spacesaving with its sleek and compact design that conveniently folds into a ready-to-carry unit.

Versatile Connectivity

    Take learning to the next level with engaging multimedia presentations. Output the captured images to any HDMI or VGA display device, as well as to a PC via the USB connections. Enhance any learning experience with attention-grabbing content. You can even capture images and save them to the SD card or connected PC.

Split Screen

    Split screen capability enables projection of a live video and still image from a SD card. The versatile remote controller works for both document camera and projector.Using the split screen, viewers can enjoy both still and moving images.

Record and Share Lessons

    Now, it’s easier than ever to capture creative lessons and share them later with other students. Use the document camera and built-in microphone to record classroom demonstrations and projects. Then, play them back for students who missed the class.

Built-in LED Light

    The built-in LED light illuminates objects so that you can project objects clearly even if the surrounding area is dimly lit.

Convenient One-touch Control

    Enjoy convenient one-touch button to freeze, focus, capture and video record the images.




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