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1+1 1PH Input Parallel POD for Liebert ITA2


Liebert® ITA Series is a full featured scalable UPS designed to provide long backup time for small computer rooms and network equipment. Using true on-line double conversion UPS technology, Liebert® ITA Series provides high efficiency and reliability with 0.9/0.8 output power factor that can power 10-30% more load than other ordinary UPS. This UPS offers flexibility with parallelable configuration and extended backup time with external battery cabinets.

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Best-in-class Efficiency 

  • Supports parallel operation up to 4 units N+X configuration „
  • Backup time can be prolonged through cascaded connection or use of large capacity battery bank „
  • Outstanding energy-saving performance with 92%-94% efficiency „
  • Input power factor of up to 0.99 with high electric energy utility rate „
  • Extra-wide input voltage / frequency range effectively reduces the discharging period of battery. Thus, prolonging battery life „
  • Compatible with 1-phase and 3-phase input power

Highly Reliable 

  • Double-conversion online design that ensures continuous power even when the mains AC fails „
  • Supports N+X redundant mode up to 4 units for increased system reliability „
  • DSP full-digital control with high output voltage precision „
  • Uses state-of-the-art technology and components to withstand fluctuation of input main voltage „
  • Provides latest USB monitoring interface „
  • Optional WEB / SNMP card for remote management „
  • Available in standard and long backup for 4 to 8 hours runtime. External charger is also available „
  • Strong charging capability effectively reduces battery recharging time


Battery:    Battery Option (A02351253)

Communication/Management:   SiteMonitor

Frequency:    45Hz to 65Hz

Input Connection:    230 / 400VAC single-phase, 3-wire or 3-phase, 4-wire system

Input Voltage:    Single-phase, 220/230/240VAC

Misc.:    AF0216225 – 1+1 1PH Parallel POD for Liebert ITA 10kVA (8xC13 + 4 xC19), 3U

Output Receptacles:

Output Voltage:

Power Rating/Capacity:    10000VA

Series:   ITA

Typical Runtime:  Standard battery cabinet: =5 minutes

Warranty:    1yrs Warranty


Dimensions:  H x W x D (mm):    85 (2U) x 435 x 640mm

Form Factor:   Rack or Tower

Surge Protection:    IEC / EN 61000-4-5

Weight:   20.8kg

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