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PrecisionCore™ The next generation of inkjet, today.

PrecisionCore printhead technology—delivering Epson’s renowned, industry-leading output quality and reliability at dramatic speeds.

PrecisionCore, Epson’s latest advance in the 500-year-old craft of printing, promises outstanding increases in speed along with improved output quality, bringing inkjet printing to a new level. The heart of the technology is a next-generation print chip, based on micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology, which uses a 1-micron thin piezo actuator that acts like a pump to deposit ink with dramatic speed and precision. PrecisionCore continues and extends Epson’s tradition of providing renowned color quality and output durability across the widest range of applications.

PrecisionCore is a highly scalable technology suited for products ranging from desktop printers to industrial systems such as large-scale label presses. Its modularity allows PrecisionCore print chips to be arrayed in both moving serial printhead and fixed linehead configurations. And use of piezo technology allows great freedom in ink chemistry, facilitating printing on a broad variety of substrates.

PrecisionCore is the product of one of the largest investments in research and development in Epson’s history. It merges advances in materials science and MEMS fabrication to continue to expand the company’s leadership in the print industry. It continues the march toward ever more affordable inkjets, demonstrating Epson’s continued commitment to providing customers with best-in-class capabilities.

Epson now has multiple opportunities to utilize the advantages of these new print chips across its product line in volumes and with economies of scale that few can match. PrecisionCore print chips give the company the ability to build the next generation of high-performance inkjet printers that can replace entire market segments, including office laser printers, commercial screen printers, and traditional analog presses.

In the following pages, Epson proudly introduces you to PrecisionCore’s grand design. Put simply, the ability to pump larger amounts of fluid through densely packed nozzles yields a multitude of small, round, precise dots. For the customer, this translates into better and faster output.



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